Warpaint @ Sundance NEXT Fest 2014 (photos via the1point8)


Warpaint @ Sundance NEXT Fest 2014 (photos via the1point8)



men’s back muscles let you know that god is real


Stranded on a desert island—pick 5 films

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This is extremely hard, but I will try my best.

To cry until I fall asleep and wake up feeling better about myself, cause being stranded on a desert island with a DVD player and a monitor isn’t half bad, I’d pick:

  • Candy
  • La vita è bella

To completely forget that I’m actually in deep shit, I’d pick:

  • Inception
  • Mean Girls (#onlygodcanjudgeme)

And finally, for some tips and tricks, I’d pick:

  • Cast Away

No, I’m just kidding, I hate that film. I’d pick:

  • Dead Poets Society

because who needs material things for at least two hours after watching that movie?

I always tag the same guys and I’m afraid you’ll all hate me if I tag you again, so anyone who wants to do this, for real, this is me tagging you.


Warpaint @ Rock en Seine 2014. Photo by Sarah Bastin.


Warpaint @ Rock en Seine 2014. Photo by Sarah Bastin.


John Frusciante 2003 vs John Frusciante 2013 about playing for audience

2003:  ” …I used to really separate myself from the audience, you know, I used to like, to turn my back and face my amplifier or face Chad and just closed my eyes get into my head. I still do those thing but for me what’s become more important than that is the connection and the exchange with the audience, you know, playing for the audience, trying to let them know that I’m trying to send some good feelings and some love in their direction and stuff, and they’re reciprocating, the feelings that I get from them are very important to me, you know. .. […] the best kind of state of mind you can be in as a performer is to not really care what anybody thinks of you , you know, and to do what’s best for yourself, so then I had the period of only playing for myself and nobody else and I would say I learnt a lot during that period but you can’t really go on doing that for that long because it gets boring because when you’re the only person that you’re playing for, you become similar to a tree falling in the woods with no one around to hear it, your playing doesn’t actually exist in the world the way that music… it’s almost like your music is half empty at that point and I felt myself getting more and more emptied out by only playing to myself and that was when I quit the band, after that, that was my solution to that.”

2013:  No, I have no interest in playing live. I really don’t think of myself as a performer anymore. It was never something that came naturally to me. It was something that I adapted to, but it was never really an expression of who I was. […] I’m not a performer. I don’t appreciate the effect that audiences have on me, because for me music is something that comes from inside of me. And music is something that I immerse myself in, and when I’m in front of an audience, I can’t ignore my surroundings and I can’t ignore the way they make me feel. They make me feel good, the audiences. But then I find that I’m not so much reaching inside myself to create something, but Im more trying to meet with their expectations. And I’m trying to do something thats entertaining to them. And that’s just not me.”

Wow thank you so much for posting this and bolding the important parts. See, this is why I think John and RHCP fans shouldn’t take what he says now about audiences and playing live to heart. Of course he loved it when he was doing it, you could see it on his face, on his playing, and he admitted it himself. John was an amazing performer, I’ve been brought to tears countless times watching him through a screen, so I can’t even imagine seeing him live… He has also proven time and time again that he’s a man who constantly defies and re-invents himself, changes his views, his style, the “genre” he plays, everything.

To me this period is very similar to the first time he quit the band (and that’s obvious from these^ quotes too), only now thankfully he’s not on the verge of dying; he’s actually collaborating with a lot of people and seemingly having fun with his art. As long as he’s happy, I’m happy with whatever he chooses to do. I like his newer stuff, I really do. But I won’t believe that what he said during ATP 2005twice, and also what he kept saying while he was in the band was a lie. And I frankly don’t know why he tries to convince us and possibly himself that he didn’t LOVE being in the Chili Peppers, because till early 2007 the man was on stage and his fucking face was glowing and he was smiling and he was creating beautiful art with his musical soulmates and friends. 

I really respect the fact that, as soon as he felt a stronger pull towards something else, he quit the band again. And to me that’s proof that he was giving 100% of himself when he was writing music and performing with the Chili Peppers. For almost a decade he balanced it with his solo art beautifully. Now he wants to do what he wants to do, but I don’t see why he has to shit all over his past live performances just because he doesn’t wanna do it now. 

I still love him to death, but he acts like an obnoxious weirdo sometimes. But we’re watching you very closely, John. So remember what you said about having no interest to play live again when you jump on stage and sing fucking opera or whatever you’re gonna do next.

Love ya


People are losing their fire and forgetting about Ferguson. That’s exactly what the police want, though: for all of this to just go away and for people to forget about it.

Don’t let that happen.

Track Title: Baby Because the Night

Artist: Emily Kokal

Emily KokalBaby Because the Night (Brixton 2013) | 

Warpaint @ Primavera Sound Festival

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Thom Yoke linked us these from twitter.

August 25th, 2014

The new era is fucking coming.. And it looks brilliant.



I made a little edit of a bunch of Warpaint images. I don’t take credit for taking the pictures, I’m not that mean. Spot your favourite.


I made a little edit of a bunch of Warpaint images. I don’t take credit for taking the pictures, I’m not that mean. Spot your favourite.